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CNC Milling machine conversion

This was a project for my own workshop. The machine started life as a Denford manual mill and has been converted to CNC by the addition of AC Servos that directly drive precision recirculating ball leadscrews.

It was a considerable challenge to find leadscrews that were compact enough to fit where the conventional ones were.

The knee provides the third axis with a 2:1 reduction and a DC brake to hold the table when the power is removed. No counterbalance is required.


The spindle drive motor was replaced by a 3-phase 220VAC universal type that is driven by a variable speed drive.


The control is a first generation CNC Brain by Safeguard Robotics, with my design of interfaces to the servo and encoders.


Tool paths are usually generated by Geomagic Design 3D CAD/CAM software which supports full 3D machining operations.


The machine has transformed the capabilities of the workshop and you can see how versatile it is from some of the items in the gallery.

Encoder optical isolator

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