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Tool setting fixture design


This fixture was designed to attach to a special purpose machine tool. It's purpose is to hold a plunger type dial clock in either of two locations so the tool can be moved to a precise height.

The available space was severely limited as was the choice of attachment points.


The working area of the machine was first made into a 3D model, and the design pictured here proved to be the most convenient one. Evidence of how small the available space was can be seen from the relatively slender part where the two features meet. 


The whole piece was machined from solid, with a simple fixture being made to support the weakest part during that process. 

The threaded top clamps are hollow to allow an Allen key to reach down to the screws that perform the adjustment. The fixing screws use the dust cap retaining threads to secure the fixture to the machine.

The extended side knobs bring the knurled sections clear of the machine so they can be reached easily.


Although this is a simple job, it highlights the power of 3D modelling to create a successful design at the first attempt while using the model to provide the tool paths for the CNC mill.


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