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Vacuum bracket design

It's tempting to show off only the more intricate work, but many are straightforward like this.


A sketch was made of the machine with the key dimensions for the fixing hole centres etc. I always take plenty of pictures at different angles to make sure something obvious isn't missed.


Even though this is a simple job, some thought had to be given to how to hold the piece down. In this case an extra hole was created in the centre where the large hole would be later machined. This along with the other two holes were used to hold the piece so that the complete profile could be roughed and finished in one operation.


A slitting saw was used to machine the slot, while a tapped hole and pocket for the clamping screw completed the job.


Although parts like these can be produced with conventional machines and rotary tables, it's a much more time consuming process and one that's prone to error. Solid modelling and CNC machines are ideal for this kind of job and provide the simplest way to visualise a part and show the customer what's being proposed.


3D Models are sent in a dynamic pdf format that allows the customer to interact with the model and view it from any angle.


Engineering drawings can be produced from the original model to provide the customer with documentation.


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